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Dr. Shad L. Morris, DMD Owner and Inventor of slumberBUMP

Hello, we are slumberBUMP™

Dr. Shad Morris started as an oral appliance therapy office and witnessed the dramatic and very personal transformations his patients experienced with better sleep.

They were happier, had more energy, functioned better at work, learned better, were safer drivers, enjoyed healthier relationships, spent less time and money at the doctor, and so much more. Anxious to help every patient, he looked for additional ways to restore sleep and learned what a powerful role positional sleep therapy plays in a person’s reduction of snoring and disruptive sleep issues, resulting in a good night’s rest. He was so intrigued that something as simple as side-sleeping through the night could stop snoring.

He felt, if he could help patients sleep comfortably on their side, he would be able to reduce or stop snoring and other sleep issues without huge expenses or medications. However, when he researched the market, the only products available required a prescription, were extremely uncomfortable and intolerable, or expensive and ill-conceived. That’s what led him to develop the slumberBUMP™.

Our Mission

Driving Your Company’s Success

Our mission is to give our clients an affordable, simple and effective product that allows them to sleep comfortably on their side. We have helped thousands of people live happier lives. Let’s work together to help solve your snoring problem and get the quality sleep you deserve.

Our Vision

Helping You Grow and Develop

Our vision is to create happier, healthier lives for the many people who snore. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a well-designed, easy to use, affordable product.

Let’s work together to help solve your snoring problem and get the quality sleep you deserve. We’d love to hear from you. Click Here ?

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