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Jun, 24, 2020

Stop Snoring and Improve Relationships

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Couples in close quarters are getting closer than ever (perhaps too close) as many states issue “shelter-in-place” orders. As of April 2, 2020, even the governor of Florida had issued an executive order directing residents to limit movements and personal interactions outside the home.


Even for the best of relationships, it amounts to a lot of time together. For those who endure snoring from a bed partner, annoyance builds and sleep is affected. According to a March 2020 survey from Philips USA, 36% of people with a partner/spouse agree that they sometimes sleep separately from their partner/spouse to improve their sleep. 


The Philips study also found that 30% of respondents “agree that their, or their partner/spouse's difficulty sleeping, is impacting their relationship.” Snoring may be a sign of mild to severe sleep apnea, but in some cases it can be fixed with positional sleep therapy. 


“Positional sleep therapy is making inroads as an elegantly simple solution to a problem that has driven bed partners crazy for centuries,” says Shad Morris, DMD, president and CEO, slumberBUMP, St. George, Utah. “Our slumberBUMP is a simple and effective product that allows users to sleep comfortably on their side. In some cases, that’s all it takes to stop or reduce snoring. The result is clinically better sleep that’s good for the body and easy on the ears.” 

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